SPO-WKP 2.2.1

Investment donation for SME

160 millions Euro exclusively for Small and Medium Enterprises on new basis. New application round expected in the end of the year.

One more chance

There will be another possibility for SME of obtaining a financial support from European Union Funds within current programming period (2004-2006) as far as investment projects are concerned. That opportunity resulted from recent rules change. Application round starts 16th November!!! Total amount assigned for that operation equals 680 PLN.


Any SME sector entity (according to EU definition) with less than 25% of capital or voting rights depending from another enterprise different than SME.

Project type

Grant can be awarded for investment projects concerning:

  • Creating a new enterprise or development of existing one;
  • Diversification of enterprise's products through introducing new or additional ones or through complete change of whole producing process of existing enterprise;

Project should be innovative (the award criteria promote such projects). There are also exclusions in terms of activity type:

  • Primary production of products included in Annex 1 to the Treaty;
  • Production and turnover of products simulating or supplanting milk and food preparations based on this product;
  • Coal mining sector;
  • Fishery sector;
  • Steelworks (steel and iron) sector;
  • Synthetic fibres sector;
  • Weapon production and turnover.


  • The minimum donation amounts 500 000 PLN and cannot be higher than 15 millions Euro;
  • Eligible costs cannot exceed 25 millions Euro;
  • Support level depends on the location and category of the enterprise (micro and small or medium) and can equal even 70%.

Eligible costs

Following costs can be refunded (taking into account the location based level support):

  • Ground purchase costs (10% of total project eligible costs as maximum);
  • Purchase or creation costs of new fixed assets;
  • Purchase costs of pre-owned new fixed assets;
  • Purchase costs of intangible and legal assets including installation costs;
  • New fixed assets installation and energizing costs;
  • Construction materials and works purchase prize;
  • Instalments of initial value of new fixed assets paid by user to the lessor on the basis of leasing agreement.

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SPO WKP 2.2.1

Wednesday, 2007.01.03

Application deadline has been rescheduled from 12th January to 31st January! Your enterprise still has a chance to obtain a subsidity up to 70%.


Food processors 2007-2013

Wednesday, 2006.12.06

Food processing will be supported by Rural Developement Program 2007-2013. Only 2 application rounds annually are planned - first one will be announced in the I quarter of incoming 2007. Which types of projects will obtain grant?


7th Framework Program

Friday, 2006.11.24

16-17 November - international conference launching the 7 Framework Program in Poland took place in Warsaw. We have been there to.


SPO-WKP 2.2.1

Friday, 2006.10.27

680 mln PLN exclusively for SME - last round opened!

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