Food processors 2007-2013

The new instrument distributing financial resources meant for supporting Polish agriculture include subsidization of projects from inter alies following fields:

  • Food processing industry
  • Cooperation for New products, processes and Technologies development

Within the first operation agriculture products processing plants or wholesale infrastructure modernization or building projects shall be financially supported. Also projects considering improvement of competitiveness based on added value, production quality increase, cost decrease and new products, processes and technologies development and improvement of production conditions in accordance with new standards shall be supported.

Support includes following costs:

  1. Building, modernization etc. of the processing or wholesale plant infrastructure buildings
  2. Purchase or installation of devices and machinery necessary for warehousing and preprocess products preparation.
  3. Purchase or installation of devices and machinery necessary for agricultural products processing.
  4. Purchase or installation of gauge or production process control steering gear equipment
  5. Purchase of specialist means of transport 6) Purchase or installation of devices which are to improve the environment protection

As far as the second operation is concerned support includes following actions:

  1. Preparatory actions, including research exclusive of basic research, preparation or development of new products, processes or technologies;
  2. Actions relevant to launching of new products, processes or technologies including the implementation supervision, tests' costs, purchase of experimental material, devices, machines and technological installation, purchase of control and gauge devices.

General costs relevant to actions a or b, including engineers', consultants' fees, purchase of patent rights or licenses essential for the project realization, promotion, administrative and project management costs.

The first application round will be announced in the first quarter of 2007. This brings us to the necessity of introducing preparatory steps as soon as possible in order to elaborate the project documentation essential for obtaining financial support from new installment.
At the same time we inform that rules has changed. Within 2007-2013 period only 2 application rounds are planned to be announced annually, which means that your enterprise will have an opportunity of applying for grant only once in 6 months.


SPO WKP 2.2.1

Wednesday, 2007.01.03

Application deadline has been rescheduled from 12th January to 31st January! Your enterprise still has a chance to obtain a subsidity up to 70%.


Food processors 2007-2013

Wednesday, 2006.12.06

Food processing will be supported by Rural Developement Program 2007-2013. Only 2 application rounds annually are planned - first one will be announced in the I quarter of incoming 2007. Which types of projects will obtain grant?


7th Framework Program

Friday, 2006.11.24

16-17 November - international conference launching the 7 Framework Program in Poland took place in Warsaw. We have been there to.


SPO-WKP 2.2.1

Friday, 2006.10.27

680 mln PLN exclusively for SME - last round opened!

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