Project management

Complex project management:

  • Advising and consulting during the preparation public tender to the Investment Project which includes:
    - advising during writing the right specification of the Investment Project for the public tender and advertising according to the procedures of Implementing Establishment,
    - advising during checking the possible competitors with the help of the Investor's Project Manager,
    - advising during the procedure of collecting all the offers according to the procedures of Implementing Establishment,
    - advising during preparing the commission with the help of Investor's Project Manager for checking the offers and compare the conditions,
    - advising during choosing the best offer of the public tender, according to the all procedures according to the agreement with Implementing Establishment,
  • Constant monitoring the investment process having the affect in the payment of the guaranteed grant in the agreement with the Implementing Establishment, and including:
    - verification of the documentation under essential, formal and accounting contest,
    - advising under the keeping right the procedures and all the stipulations put on the Client by Implementing Establishment,
    - advising in preparation instruments to collecting the data, necessary to the preparation of the payment application,
    - consulting on the stage of collecting all enclosures to the final documentation,
  • Periodic reporting from the progress of the Investment Project.
  • The final report preparation,
  • Consigning, in the name of Client, to the initiate institution payment application, final report and all expected enclosures:
    - supervision of the meeting the consigning dates on each stage of the project.
  • Participation in the verification process and the documentation and the investment:
    - verification under essential, formal and accounting contest,
    - supervision of following all essential procedures in order to obtain the donation,
  • Advisory in the elaboration or the elaboration of additional enclosures and information do the the documentation which can be demanded from th Client by Implementing Establishment on the stage of verification and opinion of the final documentation in Implementing Establishment,
  • Direct contacts with Implementing Establishment to the moment of getting the financial donation on Client's bank account,
  • Take all other actions which are required in order to obtain the financial aid.


General way of obtaining financial support

Decision on realisation of entrepreneurship and applying for financial support from European Union
Obtaining information concerning existing possibilities (calls for proposals and dates for submissions)
Submitting an application for bank credit promise and obtaining it
Project preparation, application elaboration, collecting essential documentation and enclosures.
Submitting the application and all essential documentation in adequate number of copies. strzalka
Application evaluation: formal, technical. Economical and content-related
If the application passes the evaluation process and is approved for the donation, Client signs the agreement with the proper institution.
Project realization on the own resources bases (credit).
Submission the payment application with all enclosures (e.g. invoices)
Donation payment after specific time


SPO WKP 2.2.1

Wednesday, 2007.01.03

Application deadline has been rescheduled from 12th January to 31st January! Your enterprise still has a chance to obtain a subsidity up to 70%.


Food processors 2007-2013

Wednesday, 2006.12.06

Food processing will be supported by Rural Developement Program 2007-2013. Only 2 application rounds annually are planned - first one will be announced in the I quarter of incoming 2007. Which types of projects will obtain grant?


7th Framework Program

Friday, 2006.11.24

16-17 November - international conference launching the 7 Framework Program in Poland took place in Warsaw. We have been there to.


SPO-WKP 2.2.1

Friday, 2006.10.27

680 mln PLN exclusively for SME - last round opened!

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